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Discussion on the development prospect of wood chipper
Date: 2018-6-1    Hits: 483
In order to make good use of forest energy and to deal with wood material, some forestry enterprises in our country adhere to the correct cutting, and make use of cutting, material selection and processing surplus, and actively develop the production of industrial wood chips. Industrial chips are mainly made of wood chipper, and their production targets are mainly two.

The industrial wood chips used in the papermaking industry are processed, and the industrial wood chips used for the adult board making industry are processed to send wood fiber materials to the papermaking and wood-based panel industry to reach the goal of frugal wood.

There are many beneficial conditions for forestry enterprises to produce industrial chips. In the process of timber production and transportation, we can make use of the existing road, house and mechanical and electrical equipment in the forest area. In the condition of no more investment, it can be processed into wood chips which are abandoned on the mountain, such as the technical girls, top and lower small diameter wood and other waste materials, and receive small investment and quick effect, and can also deal with the strong employment of the Department. The problem.

Because of the complex environment of the forest area, our company has developed a movable diesel engine wood chipper. It can carry the chipper to the cutting site and cut the branches on the spot.

The utilization of the residue in the felling area also helps to sort out the cutting base, refresh the afforestation work, improve the hygienic precondition of the cutting area, and prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests and fires. Making full use of the residue of the logged area to make industrial wood chips can also make a batch of forestland with low energy, and reduce the cutting volume correctly. At the same time, the young and strong forest is supported by the forest. It can gradually complete the rotation and ensure the everlasting use of the green mountain. Therefore, it is of practical significance to develop the wood chips in the forest area. It

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