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The method and importance of waterproof and moistureproof for double shaft shredder
Date: 2018-6-1    Hits: 462
Summer is a season with a lot of rain and weather, so for the double axis tearing machine, we must do well its waterproof and moisture-proof work, then, what to do in the end? First of all, we need to protect the two axis shredder, so we can not contact it with the rain to avoid rusting. Secondly, we must protect the wood and keep the wood as dry as possible.

When the raw materials are processed, we will find that the crisp things are more tearing, the tearing power is higher, and the quality is better, but the humid things, such as the double axis tearing machine, tear the wet wood, and the power of the tear will be lower than the dry wood.

Because the moist material is shredded, it is more easily bonded together, and there is a certain resistance that will affect the function of shredding. Moreover, processing these humid substances for a long time will cause corrosion to the internal parts of the machine, rusting slightly, and further affecting the processing power.

Therefore, two points should be avoided: one is the processing of humid water material for a long time, and the other is often drenched by rainwater. Even a simple machine, such as a bicycle, is rusty and damaged in the rain for a long time, so avoiding water dripping is the basic common sense of protecting the machine. If there is no need for a long time, oil can be applied to the key parts such as the shredder and the water to avoid moisture corrosion in the air. To sum up, the protection of machines is a long time routine work, which requires persistence and patience.

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