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What are the high quality functions of the wood crusher
Date: 2018-6-1    Hits: 484
Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of large and medium-sized wood processing machinery manufacturers. The key products include various types of wood grinder, wood chipper, straw forming machine, wood flour machine and so on. Our company is a special wood mill manufacturer, and the wood crusher is a new ultra - mild wood powder equipment, which is the most advanced technology developed at home and abroad.

This machine combines the crushing principle of all kinds of traditional wood grinder at home and abroad to make innovations. It is a new dream carpenter mechanical equipment for making wood flour.

The machine is mainly made up of chip cutting device, crushing device and fan. The grain size of wood chips after cutting is small and can be sent into comminution without drying. The wood, branch and fork and other materials can be processed into wood chips once. The pieces of wood chips after the crushing are sent from the fan to the place of the aggregate.

The machine is simple in structure, compact in deployment, cheap in price, stable in labor, easy to use, high in output, good in quality, low in processing cost, small in area and low in power. It is more than 50% more efficient than traditional wood shredder. No bumps.

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